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Now in Smell-o-Vision (tm)

6 May 1973
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I am, at heart, a dreamer. I dream of many things. I dream of a happy life, blue skies with white, fluffy clouds, the embrace of one I love. I dream of things that are here and that are yet to come. I dream in color. I dream within my own reality.

80's music, adult swim, alyson hannigan, amber benson, amy sedaris, amélie, art, backs, beautiful south, blankets, books, breasts, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, cd's, cheese, classic rock, comic books, cover songs, cuddling, curves, david letterman, depeche mode, dvds, déjà vu, electronics, english accents, erotica, evil dead, fight club, firefly, flirting, foreplay, george harrison, ghost world, gillian anderson, girls with glasses, green, guinness, gwyneth paltrow, harry potter, heathers, hips, honesty, hugs, independent films, insomnia, internet movie database, j.d. salinger, janeane garofalo, japan, john hughes, john lennon, jonatha brooke, joss whedon, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kissing, kittens, leonard cohen, libraries, live journal, liz phair, lj, lost, lost in translation, love, making out, marvel, masturbation, mexican food, monty python, moonlighting, morrissey, movies, mp3s, music, myotonic dystrophy, naps, nature, nightmare before christmas, npr, nudity, pet shop boys, photography, photos, pin up girls, pink floyd, pop-culture, porn, pretty in pink, rainy days, reading, red hair, road trips, sandwiches, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, sensuality, serendipity, serenity, sex, sexuality, short stories, sleep, stanley kubrick, star wars, strawberries, tattoos, tea, thai food, the beatles, the breakfast club, the evil dead, the smiths, the tick, they might be giants, this american life, thunderstorms, time travel, tina fey, tom waits, travel, trivia, tv, vanilla, veronica mars, video games, women, writing, zombies