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So, December 26th was my 11th anniversary of the creation of my LJ account.

I'm aware that I never use this to post anymore. I'm not even sure who's still around and still checks LJ. I've never told my family ever that I have an LJ or even what an LJ is. I think I showed one person it once, but we're not longer friends. An Ex-gf of mine found me here during some cyber stalking (Hi Aimee!), but that's all ok now. I try to look every day or 2 and except for self-portraits, not very many people post. I know some people still do religiously (Hi, Marilee!), but it seems very dead here.

So here's my update.

Still single
still no kids
still have Muscular Dystrophy
still live in Phoenix
still kicking around

2013 so far will have a few highlights

This January 17th through February 1st, I will be on a cruise that takes me through the Panama Canal. Except for a few furtive journeys to Mexico and Canada, I haven't been to another country. I went on a Hawaii cruise 2 yeas ago and we only barely went to Ensenata and I stayed on the ship mostly. This will be mainly foreign countries, so that should be interesting. I will try to take some pictures and put them on my facebook.

This May 6th I will turn 40. I'm trying not to think about it, but it feels really old. That movie "This is 40" does not seem like my 40.

Phoenix Comicon this year, so far, will be interesting for, if nobody else, Michael fucking Rooker, Dean Cain, and a few comics creators I enjoy.

In August, my oldest niece is getting married I'm pretty sure its happening in Sierra Vista, AZ. I was born in Sierra Vista and lived there the first 7 years of my life. My niece is the only other member of my family born there also. Same Hospital, 11, almost 12 years later. She's my oldest niece, but the 2nd of my nieces to get married. All 3 of my nieces have steady boyfriends, but both my nephews do not...to my knowledge.

And what else does 2013 have for me? I don't know.

So how are you?

if you don't already, you can friend me on facebook or read my incredibly boring twitter.