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I'm gonna say that I'm about 93% feeling better. I feel better than 90%, but, I'm still gunshy about saying 95%.

I had all of the symptoms of celiac disease (wheat allergy), but those symptoms could be any number of other things. I also had a lot of um...things I wont't discuss. And the first big thing I ate was a turkey sub with cheese and mayo, so that could have been anything. Anyway, I'm going to try to eat gluten free for a week and see how that goes, then, only later, will I try some bread and see how that goes down.

When my niece was growning up, she always had a bad reaction when she'd get a vanilla dairy queen cone. But when she'd go to like, culvers, and get chocolate, it was fine She assumed it was an allergy to vanilla for some reason. Turns out all this time, it was the cone she was allergic to, not the ice cream at all. I have never had a bad time with gluten, wheat, bread, anything. So either this comes right out of nowhere, or I just felt sick and nothing was going to react well.

Also, when you're feeling sort of under thw weather, spicy Thai food might not be your best bet.