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So, December 26th was my 11th anniversary of the creation of my LJ account.

I'm aware that I never use this to post anymore. I'm not even sure who's still around and still checks LJ. I've never told my family ever that I have an LJ or even what an LJ is. I think I showed one person it once, but we're not longer friends. An Ex-gf of mine found me here during some cyber stalking (Hi Aimee!), but that's all ok now. I try to look every day or 2 and except for self-portraits, not very many people post. I know some people still do religiously (Hi, Marilee!), but it seems very dead here.

So here's my update.

Still single
still no kids
still have Muscular Dystrophy
still live in Phoenix
still kicking around

2013 so far will have a few highlights

This January 17th through February 1st, I will be on a cruise that takes me through the Panama Canal. Except for a few furtive journeys to Mexico and Canada, I haven't been to another country. I went on a Hawaii cruise 2 yeas ago and we only barely went to Ensenata and I stayed on the ship mostly. This will be mainly foreign countries, so that should be interesting. I will try to take some pictures and put them on my facebook.

This May 6th I will turn 40. I'm trying not to think about it, but it feels really old. That movie "This is 40" does not seem like my 40.

Phoenix Comicon this year, so far, will be interesting for, if nobody else, Michael fucking Rooker, Dean Cain, and a few comics creators I enjoy.

In August, my oldest niece is getting married I'm pretty sure its happening in Sierra Vista, AZ. I was born in Sierra Vista and lived there the first 7 years of my life. My niece is the only other member of my family born there also. Same Hospital, 11, almost 12 years later. She's my oldest niece, but the 2nd of my nieces to get married. All 3 of my nieces have steady boyfriends, but both my nephews do not...to my knowledge.

And what else does 2013 have for me? I don't know.

So how are you?

if you don't already, you can friend me on facebook or read my incredibly boring twitter.
damn, so only 3 weeks in I've already missed a day...*sigh*

I feel such a sense of shame...I'm going to go flog myself or something.
I'm gonna say that I'm about 93% feeling better. I feel better than 90%, but, I'm still gunshy about saying 95%.

I had all of the symptoms of celiac disease (wheat allergy), but those symptoms could be any number of other things. I also had a lot of um...things I wont't discuss. And the first big thing I ate was a turkey sub with cheese and mayo, so that could have been anything. Anyway, I'm going to try to eat gluten free for a week and see how that goes, then, only later, will I try some bread and see how that goes down.

When my niece was growning up, she always had a bad reaction when she'd get a vanilla dairy queen cone. But when she'd go to like, culvers, and get chocolate, it was fine She assumed it was an allergy to vanilla for some reason. Turns out all this time, it was the cone she was allergic to, not the ice cream at all. I have never had a bad time with gluten, wheat, bread, anything. So either this comes right out of nowhere, or I just felt sick and nothing was going to react well.

Also, when you're feeling sort of under thw weather, spicy Thai food might not be your best bet.
My mom thought she couldn't get on facebook bacause Google had a balck thing on it.
Still weirdly sick...
Still feeling a little under the weather, but I just got an email from a Nigerian prince, so I should be rich in a couple days! Wee!
I don't feel good. :(
If you wouldn't mind, I have a few shows I'm thinking about ditching, so if I shouldn't bother, let me know:

Pan Am
Gifted Man

Thanks! :)
I'd like to think that I am not superstitious, but I really am.

I don't look in a mirror when its dark, I don't pick up heads down pennies but I do pick up ones that are heads up.

And I didn't go outside today for fear that something might happen. I would have gone out if I had to, but I didn't, so, better safe than sorry.
So, I picked my mom up today at the Airport. She is in town (from Iowa) for the next 3 months. She's lived in Arizona for at least the last 60 years up until about 5 years ago. She moved to Iowa to be closer to my sister. Its weird since most old people do the opposite.

We had lunch and then went to Target for some things, sat around and watched TV. She will want to come every day to see me, watching TV. *sigh* I love my mom, but somtimes, it seems liike a huge deal.

I haven't been getting much sleep. I usually require 9-12 hours, and Ive gotten 8 total for the last 2 nights. I'm going to bed now. I'll probably be up 5 hours later. That's the way these things go. *sigh*
Sometimes, when I can't make up my mind about dinner, I buy two. Sometimes from the same place (I pretend they think I'm buying food for a siginicant other), sometimes from 2 different places, blissfully unaware of each other.

Tonight, Boston Market meatloaf and a gyro plate from the Greek place next to where Blockbuster use to be.

Jan. 10th, 2012

So weird. I was sleeping normally, and all of the sudden I wake up with my body sahking. Mostly my upper chest and arms. It would come and go. It was like shivers, but I wasn't necessarily cold. Its 67 inside my apartment, I'm under a blanket and wearing flannel pants and a sweatshirt. maybe I should get under the sheets? But even as I woke up and walked around, it was still happening.

I used my hiccup cure (close eyes, deep breaths, focus on nothing) and it seems to have stopped, but I still get minor little threats. I wonder if I"m colder than I think, if its just something weird and minor, or if I should see doctor? Maybe doctor if it persists.
I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I would've slept the whole day, but my dad came over. At least I got a clean apartment, lunch, and some household necessities out of it.

Now I"m thinking about going to bed. I'm not sure what would happen if I went to bed for the night at 4:00pm. That can't be good.
I had a standing puddle of water in my bathroom on Friday.

This happened several months back. I called maintenance and they came quickly. They replaced a rubber o-ring that the previous guy didn't do. apparently this is a problem. He also cleaned up all the water in the bathroom (it has hardwood floorss) but the carpet outside is still slightly damp. Its just a little annoying, not a real problem because it is drying.

Tomorrow, my dad is coming over to help me clean. this requires a fair amount of prep work for me because the more I do,, the less he will feel like he has to do. But it takes a lot out of it for me. But I guess it all works out in the end.

I am just tired and hungry right now, but I have to do something.
Kristen Bell has a new show on Showtime, starting tomorrow, called House of Lies.

I guess the real star is Don Cheadle, but I will watch it for Kristen Bell.

Most of the reviews I've read online say its not a bad show, but its not great, but will keep watching for Kristen Bell. She supposedly, gets naked. Is this what we've come to? We will watch TV shows just to catch a glimpse of Krisen Bell's nipple? I mean, that's clearly why I will watch it, but everybody else? pervs. ;)
I just saw the movie Shame.

If you don't know it stars Michael Fassbender as Brandon, who is a sex addict. It sort of profiles his life, his routine, and how its disrupted when his troubled sister comes to live with him.

As you might suspect, there is a LOT of sex in this movie. Lots of naked people. It was odd to watch all this graphic sex and nudity in a packed theater. Its one of those things though, that you get the emotion (or lack thereof) in the scene, so it seems to say much more about the actor and the scene than the fact that he's having sex.

And in case you were wondering, Fassbender is not only a good actor, but he is...impressive...in other areas.

5 common phrases that sound dirty

Easy access
Instant gratification
Grinding gears
Come over
Crack it open
Every once in awhile I wonder why I don't go to long John Silver's? I don't really care for fish that much, but I like their chicken. So today I went, then I remember. Its basicly a huge box of grease. And then I feel like I have a film of grease around my whole body. Bleh.
No matter how many times I see "Serenity", I always cry when spoiler alert!Collapse )
I own a Tivo, so I rarely watch what's on Live TV. Never on purpose. More often than not, between shows, I get drawn into a movie until there's an ad, and then I move on.

Recording everything that I want to watch frees me up. I can watch what I want, when I want. Some shows I watch right away, some I wait a few days. Some I save up and watch all at once. The ones I watch right away are Castle, House, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, Big Bang Theory, and The Good Wife.

On top of all that, I listen to several podcasts every week. I like the Nerdist, Indoor Kids, Sex Nerd Sandra, Making it with Riki Linhome, WTF with Marc Maron, and of course Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and This American Life.

There are a lot of other shows I like and this doesn't include shows that either aren't on the air right now or not at all. 30 Rock will rotate back in. I'm so excited for what is probably its final season. I love you Tina Fey.


So, here we are 2012. I take some sort of pride in the fact that I made it through 2011. I had some good times, the best times, and some crappy times, horrible times.

Things to look forward to this year? Just off the top of my head

An extra day in February. 2012 is a leap year, which also means
2012 Olympics. I'm not 100% sure where that will be. I am sure I will find out soon enough...they won't stop talking about it.
2012 Presidential election, amongst other elections. It will be interesting to see just how disenchanted people are with Barack Obama. I am also curious to see who the Republican will be. I don't see Newt winning. I can see Romney winning. My mom likes Huntsman. Ok. I will not vote for a Republican if I can help it.
I could not be more excited about the Avengers movie. All my nerdy interest come together. Joss Whedon, superhero's from the comics, team-ups, and summer blockbusters.
I am going to Iowa in April for my nieces graduation. Then go to Nashville for another niece's graduation, then in October, back to Iowa for that same nieces wedding. Lots of travel coming in 2012.

Also, this project will keep me busy during those times.

Lots of other stuff going on. New albums by Ingrid Michaelson and The Pet Shop Boys. I'm sure lots of new books and albums and movies, but that's for another day.

Dec. 31st, 2011

So its the end of 2011. Thank God. Its been a long year. I think even back to May and that seems like an eon ago. I am thankful that I am still able to get around on my own and keep myself fed and safe in my house, well, except for those 2 times I fell and broike my leg and then my kneecap (on the same leg). But for the most part, I'm just glad I'm turning the page on a new year.

Starting back on 1-1-2012 seems like as good a place as any to really start some new things. I thought that I would get a 12 month wall calander, and every day, record the temperature high and low. Why? Well, for one thing, I have a hard time remembering some days what the day and time is. I don't watch live TV, I record everything. I also don't work, so some days, I don't need to kow what the day or date is. So, maybe looking at the calader every day and writing something in will help with that. It is silly, but why not.

I'm also going to try to post every day in 2012. Some days, it might be a real thing, some days it might be a link to a funny video or an amusing article I found. Some days, it might be some pictures of a girl I find hot. Some days, it might just be a quick message from my phone. But I will try my hardest to post every day.

I considered switching to Tumblr, but LJ has been my home for just over 11 years now. That's a really long time. I feel like people are dropping off lately, but I'm going to stay for now.

If you have any suggestions for posts or anything you want me to talk about, feel free to comment. Have a safe and happy new year.

Bathroom Adventures.

I'm sitting in my computer desk chair, watching TV, as I typically do, and I hear some odd sounds.

My upstairs neighbors are sometimes loud, but it doesn't exactly sound like the usual muffled sounds. I put the TV on pause, and listen. It sounds like gurgling water. I look in the kitchen, nothing and as I go in the bathroom, I see the toilet bubbling. Just a few every 30 seconds or so, but definite bubbling.

Not sure what's going on, I decide maybe its a good idea to flush the toilet.

It is notCollapse )
I don't like going to Payson.

Aug. 19th, 2011

I'll be out of town this weekend.

Don't do anything fun without me! :)
god help me I love this song...what's wrong with me?

More Than Words by Extreme. The ultimate "shut up and fuck me" song.

God, these guys look like total assholes.

I had an odd dream.

For some reason, I had agreed to be an actor in a porn movie for the internet. I was young and a little nervous. I had decided that I didn't want to be with a guy, so they set me up with a girl and she was going to come home with me to work things out, so to speak.

When we got to my house, the door was open and it was totally cleaned out. Robbed. All that was left was my entertainment center (flat screen gone), my dining roo chairs (which I don't own) and my bed with the sheets still on it. I should have known because the apartment was bigger, the door was in the wrong place, and that I don't own dining room chairs. I even closed my eyes at one point hoping it was a dream, but that didn't seem to work. Also, I was a girl in the dream.

So the girl in my bedroom starts to undo her pants and I'm like "what are you doing?" and she says "we can't do much about it now..."

I sit on the bed and she sits on my lap. I tell her I don't think I can do it now. She puts her hand on my face and says something and I lean in and her say "3...2...1..." and she snaps her fingers and I wake up. Everything's still here. So my dream girl was really concerned about me. Hmmmm...


I guess I will have to buy Vanity Fair.

Pretty much NSFWCollapse )

Jun. 16th, 2011

I check LJ all the time. There are a few loyal posters that i keep up with, but I have noticed a significant drop off. I am included too.

I just don't DO anything to update on.

I am going to Payson to visit my father for Father's Day. The plan is to make him some homemade raisin oatmeal cookies. I have never made them before, so this should be interesting. Then I will be back on Monday. Maybe I will find something interesting to do after that.

Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

fun, confusingly sexy

May. 19th, 2011

The internet seems to jumble me up and confuse my heart and my brain.

How much of a connection do you think you really have with somebody online? Can you have a connection? Should you get too close?

I've had a few relationships that started online and I have to say, they were always better in person than online. The only times they don't turn out well is when I was lied to, or at least not given the whole truth.

I have lots of dreams lately about internet people. And its almost always an person situation and the result is that I have been lied to...and duped...in the dream. It makes me question everything, which is stupid because its just a dream, not reality.

I don't know if there was a point to all this, but I am extremely tired and am trying to kill time.

Alternate points of view are welcome.
I am not getting email notifications on LJ comments. Anybody else having this problem?

(obviously I will have to check this entry manually. haha :) )

Writer's Block: See the music

What's your favorite music video of all time?

Bjork - Bachelorette (very meta)

a-ha - Take on Me (ah, the '80s)

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (crazy and amazing visuals)

Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice (Walken...nuff said)

and just becauseg:

Garfunkel and Oates - Ducks
Today is my brithday. I am 38.

My mom gave me $100 check.
My dad bought me lunch and got me, as usual, random weird gifts. A mattress pad, 2 new pillows, and a pencil case for my pens. My bed has both pillow top and memory foam, why do I need a mattress pad? Oh, and not a fancy pencil case, a plastic, rubbermaid one, like you get for your kids. I think I'm 30 years older than he thinks I am. Also, a basket for my tools. My tools are a screwdriver, pliars, and a tape measure. I actually have about 4 tape measures, but whatever. A tool basket isn't a thing, is it?

As, per usual, my best friend cannot seem to remember my birthday. We've known each other for almost 20 years, and he still can't seem to remember it. Maybe he does remember today and doesn't care.

My friend curiousalice called today which was nice. I don't really like talking on the phone and I know she doesn't really like talking on the phone (maybe just to me), so it was really a nice, akward thing. Better than a mattress pad.

Also I will not be getting a cat

$200 pet deposit (non refundable)
$200 sanitation deposit for the pet (refundable if it checks out when I move out)
$25 every month for the pet...per pet. I am guessing I will need to pay this since the cat really doesn't have any kind of income. I could scrap and save the $400 deposits, sure, but $25 a month? What the fuck is that about? If I had a cat and needed to move, I could see that, sure, but to try and get a pet and add that expense? Its so not worth it.

Maybe I'll get an imaginary cat named Jean. What's worse, crazy cat person or crazy imaginary cat person?

cat-astrophe 2011

So I'm thinking about getting a kitty.

I know.

Here are the things I have thought about at length:

I would want a girl cat. I would name her Kitty after Kitty Pryde, one of my faovourite X-Men. If it was a boy, I would have to name him Wolverine, which I don't think would be a good idea just for Karma...you know with the claws?
I would absolutely get her from a shelter.
I have already looked at beds, scratching posts, bowls, and litter boxes.

Here are the things I'm trying to not think about
I'm unsure how much my apartment would want me to pay for to keep a cat, or how well I could hide a cat.
She'd have to be an indoor cat as there's no way I could easily let her in every day and who knows who would take her in an apartment complex.
I'd have to get her fixed, if for no other reason than she will go into heat and be noisy.
I would have to figure out who would take care of her if I went on vacation.
I would have to figure out the best way to deal with mild cat allergy.

Maybe I should ask some of these questions to crushdmb since she is local and has cats.

Anyway...Its just a thought.
What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

I find the naming of things that are not alive to be a little on the weird side. Maybe stuffed animals, but to a car? That's just plan silly. Why on earth would it need a name? Other than its own brand name? Do you name your food? Your furniture? I just think maybe you're far too invested in your possessions if you're naming them.

My car's name is Olivia, btw.

Apr. 13th, 2011

I bought a TV. 42" HDTV, 1080p, LCD. Its kinda epic and amazing.

My current TV does this thing sometimes where the sound goes down really low and I have to crank it all the way up to hear it softly, but the Tivo sounds are fine, so they're really loud. Its kinda confusing, but I wanted to upgrade to HD for quite some time.

It will be cool to play xbox games on the bigger screen.

I am currently in the middle of Dragon Age Origins. I already bought Dragon Age 2, so after I beat Dragon Age and the expansion pack, I can dive right into 2. I am also, at the same time, playing Lego Star Wars III. I can't help myself with these Lego games. I also have been playing Lego Harry Potter off and on and of course still plugging away at Rock Band 3.

I saw Limitless today. I wasn't expecting much, but it was much better than I expected it to be. I half want to see Lincoln Lawyer, but half not. I think I should read the book instead. I think because you can turn on the TV and watch any number of Law and Orders, Good Wife, or any other show that a courtroom drama movie doesn't really hold up as well as a movie genre.

I want to see Hanna. I was going to go today, but I didn't leave early enough Time got away from me. But I saw a preview for it today that I hadn't seen before and now I REALLY want to see it. Source Code is supposed to be really good which I didn't expect. So I guess I will need to see that too.

Thor opens on my birthday. They tell me that I was almost named Thor, but I think they just say that to rile me up. My dad says its not true, but my mom, coyly says "why not?"

Writer's Block: You're a shining star

If you could be a guest on any talk show, which would you choose and what would you talk about?

I have a firm belief that nothing good can come from being on a talk show, reality show, or anything on TV in general.

That being said, I would like to meet David Letterman or Conan O'Brien. At the very least, see a taping of their show.


So, I'm home. I will upload pictures when I feel less tired and I think I might be sick...hmmmm.

Tagged by somethin_i_said

The Rules:

1. People who have been tagged must are strongly encouraged to write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.

2. Tag eight people. - I tag... crushdmb, curiousalice, darceee, thewaywelive, dandydevildog, misfitina, nims_nighties, meisjekim and anybody else that wants to do it.

1. Make a list of 5 things that you can see without getting up:
Hat, clock, pen holder, remote, tissues

2. How do you style your hair?

3. What are you wearing now?
boxers and a pullover shirt with a collar

4. What's your occupation?
Currently unemployed/retired

5. What do you hear right now?
the hum of white noise

6. Who was the last person you hugged?
my mom

7. What is/was for dinner?
sub sandwich from my favorite sandwich place

8. What did you do today?
um, got off a cruise ship, drove from San Diego to Phoenix, and crashed.

9. Dog person or cat person?

10. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

11. What was the last thing that you bought?

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I'm happy being home for now

13. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I hope not any worse...but I'd like to maintain my current lifestyle and mobility

14. Whats the last concert you attended?
Geez. If cruise concerts don't count...I'm gonna have to say Azure Ray last Summer.

15. What are you doing this weekend?
This coming weekend? Hell if I know, I just got home.

16. What is the best flavor of Jello?
don't like Jello.

17. How tired are you?
You have no idea.

Mar. 12th, 2011

Off to Hawaii.

See you in 2 weeks, LJ!

Mar. 12th, 2011

Off to Hawaii.

See you in 2 weeks, LJ!
There's something mentally freaking me out about not being able to enjoy the fact that I'm going on a fucking cruise to fucking Hawaii. I am freaking about packing, about going there, and the fact that my father is going to invade my space while I am gone.

Why can't I let myself be excited about this? Why am I such a Debbie Downer? (wah wah wah).

I think my leg is driving me crazy and the fact that I'm not exactly mobile to begin with...are not helping.
My dad wants to clean my house while I am gone.

My main fear? Gotta hide the porn! Granted most of it is online now, but I still have some magazines and DVDs. Depending on how much he cleans or how much he looks, he's bound to find it.

Then again, my lustful teen years were fueled by his collections of Playboys and Penthouse. So he can't be TOO shocked. This might be one case where our family's lack of communication helps.
My dad is taking me out for dinner. I need to get use to walking I guess...plus...free food, right?

Dragon Age Origins

I've been playing this game/dreaming about this game.

Last night, I had a dream that there was an Angry Birds side quest...

I need help.

And this came out yesterday. I can't wait to finish Origins with all the side quests and expnasion so I can play this:

and this makes me so happy, I can't contain myself...because...hello? Felicia Day!

Feb. 25th, 2011

Do you want your very own original work of art by me?

Just leave a comment with the most random thing you can think of, and you will get a picture back. I reserve the right to improve your idea. :)

See some already requested images:

The most random pretty fish you can dream of :)Collapse )

Gandalf and Medusa at a Tea PartyCollapse )

A Horse running in a field.Collapse )

Me, riding a unicorn into the AZ sunset (don't forget the cactus).Collapse )

bugs bunny in a canoeCollapse )

Other non-comissioned artCollapse )

I have some time to kill.

Tell me something as random as you can think of and I will use my masteful skill in MS Paint to draw a picture of it.

When I say masterful, I mean, crude and potentially amusing.

I don't know. Go for it. What's the worst that could happen?

Feb. 18th, 2011

For those asking, I fractured my leg from a fall. My knees bucked under me (as they do) and I managed to fall on my back, but had my left leg under me. That was enough to put a fracture in the bone.

This was yesterday (Thursday) around 3:00 or so. It hurt all night and when it didn't feel any better this morning I went to Urgent care where they xrayed it and as soon as the guy got back and told me get in the wheel chair and not to stand on my leg, I knew it was trouble.

They tried a half cast with a splint and gave e crutches which didn't work. I have no balance and I have no strength in my arms. So they decided to go with a "boot" instead. That has worked well so far. They gave me a script for vicodin, but Ibuprofen works well, so I dont know why I'd bother with vicodin.